About Us

carlo_largePellegrini offers warm and friendly service in an elegantly relaxed atmosphere where the smells from the kitchen offer just the right touch.    Owner Carlo Pellegrini is passionate about creating unique and wonderful dishes with the recipes he has brought with him from his home and region of Italy, known as Puglia. Italians recognize Puglia as the region, “dove si mangia bene”, which literally translates to, “where one eats well”. Puglia is particularly notable for its agricultural landscape. It is situated on the southern Adriatic coast in a perfect climatic zone for the growth of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. In fact, much of the produce found in the markets of central and northern Italy are brought from the Puglia region. However, a traditional plate “pugliese” style would not be complete without fresh seafood. The Adriatic Sea offers up a plentitude of fish varieties, everything from “cozze” (mussels) to “pesce spada” (swordfish). These ingredients are used to prepare the wonderful dishes characteristic of this region.Fisherman in Bisceglie

Carlo is from the picturesque town of Bisceglie, which lies directly on the southern Adriactic coast. He was brought up in a culinary family with his mother being a cook recognized by everyone in their little coastal town. He also has the experience of managing his aunt’s very popular restaurant, located right on the seaport. Carlo’s uncle is a “panettiere” (breadmaker) and another uncle produces olive oil. Home-made specialties are second nature to him – where the emphasis is using only fresh ingredients and preparing them in a way that enhances their flavors.

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